• Young Collectors' Show EXTENDED
    July 3 - Aug 22, 2014
  • Kal Mansur, "Blue Footnote Six", 2014, acrylic construction, 12 x 12 x 2 in.
  • Walnut Contemporary is pleased to present its first Young Collectors’ Show, featuring works by emerging and established artists, all priced under $1,000.
    The exhibition will open up the walls of the gallery, bringing art lovers and artists together. Panel discussions will provide a platform for direct engagement and those who purchase an artwork will be invited to visit an artist in their studio, creating a bridge between the gallery, studio, and the home. Visitors will also have the chance to support their favourite works by voting for the Viewers’ Choice Award.
    Comprised of sixteen artists, the exhibition features work that similarly crosses boundaries, blurring the lines between different art forms. Kal Mansur’s acrylic constructions unite painting and sculpture while Jonathan Hiltz incorporates photos of iconic musicians into his original painted compositions. Collage, drawing, wax, and mixed media also materialize, all at a price that will make it easier for art lovers to become art collectors.

    Chosen artists by name:

    David Blatherwick • Justin Blayney • David Brown • Julie Gladstone • Julia Harris • Janet Hendershot • Jonathan Hiltz • Erin Loree • Kal Mansur • Heidi McKenzie • Brooke Opatowski • Anna Pantcheva •  
    Silvija Saplys • Ilene Sova • Chris Walsh • Tim Watts