• We are pleased to anounce that the exhibition 
    No Theme || Only Colours 
    by Miguel Barros was extended until January 24th
    Wednesday to Saturday from 1pm to 6pm or by appointment.
  • Walnut Contemporary presents, No Theme || Only Colours by international artist Miguel Barros. 
    The artist's work is a reflection of his travels. 
    Each piece works like a portal inviting the viewer to peruse and interpret the artist's soul. For a fraction of time those were private moments that now suddenly are unveiled to the public. Moments captured photographically during his global travels then reproduced by his intense abstract brush strokes and reconstructed canvases.
    "I define Barros work by his ability to observe the world in a optimistic and positive point of view. Carefully selecting what matters, even when surrounded by an environment with social discrepancies like the country of Angola where Barros lived many years before moving to Calgary."
    Raquel Vilhena

    "This exhibition is an arrival, a departure, a summary of my work and journey inspired by my travels - an intimate reflection, the mirror of my day to day, a diary of colour. "
    Miguel Barros