Danielle Scheffer

Continuously driven to perfect her art, Danielle Scheffer seeks to achieve excellence in acrylic and combined mediums. Large surfaces allow her to use her unique brush stroke; using wide brushes and a limited palette to bring strong emotion to her vision through characters that she brings to life. Her semi-abstract expressionist style reveals how skilfully she dares to explore and extend herself as an artist.

Her teacher once said to her: “One must know how to do something precisely before creating an impression of it”. Since then, this advice has been a leitmotiv throughout her artistic progression.

Scheffer’s work can be found in several private collections in Canada and USA.


Selected Exhibitions:

2017        Inner Beauties - solo show, Galerie Blanche, Montréal, Canada

2016        Homeless Souls - solo show, Walnut contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2015        Recall - group show, Walnut contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2015        Essence, Galerie Blanche, Montréal, Canada

2013        45 Exposition - Concours nationale, Société des artistes canadiens, Salle Tudor, Montréal,Qc

2011        Pulsion, Royer Objets Trouvailles, Montréal, Canada

So What, 2013 [sold]
Refuge, 2013
Les Belles Vaches, 2014
Fragile, 2014
Stop, 2015
Phare, 2014 [sold]
Shadows, 2013
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