Lumír Hladík

Lumír Hladík is a Toronto based, Czech born, post WWII neo-Avant-guard artist, a pioneering figure of the 70s East European conceptual performance movement. He has developed a very distinctive form of body art, described by art historian Pavlína  Morganová as “arranging derailed situations”. His work, documented in photography and 8mm film, is frequently featured in academic art publications, most recently: Czech Action Art: Happenings, Actions, Events, Land Art, Body Art and Performance Art Behind the Iron Curtain (Chicago Press, 2014). After moving to Canada in 1982, the artist spent over three decades studying natural entropy in the Canadian wilderness. His bio-interventions: a collaborative work with wild black bears, are exploring notions of immortality and celebrity. Hladík claims that his art responds to today's society’s ubiquitously ridiculous “rational” defence of its irrationality.


Selected Past, Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

2020   Gargoyles2, Travessa da Armida, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2020 

2018   Glimmer, Typology – Artscape Toronto, Canada

2018   Bunker2, Toronto, Canada, March 2018

2018   Ritualia, Modern Fuel - main gallery, Kingston, Canada, 

2017  Monochromatic Landscapes, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, October12 - November 18

2017  Polar Transference, Jiri Kovanda & Lumir Hladik, Gallery 17/18, Ottawa, Canada, 

         September 21 - December 11

2017   Chimera, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada, March 

2016   International Bucharest Art Week, Bucharest, Romania, November 

2016   Gargoyles, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada, Oct. 22 – Dec 18

2016   Canadian Days, Museum Mendel, Brno, Czech Republic, April 13-May 13

2016   Thresholds, James Gallery at Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton, Canada,

            with Caitlin La Pena and Rebecca Munce, Feb.6-Mar.12

2016   The myth of Brown, Václav Rabas, GAVU, Cheb, Czech Republic,

2015   Recall, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto , Canada, Dec. 2015

2015   Samizdat, Cedar Rapids, IOWA, USA (10.10. 2015 – 6. 1. 2016)
2015   AAF, New York, USA
2015   GASK Museum, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic
2015   GAVU, Regional Art Museum of the city of Cheb, Czech Republic
2014   Corridor 213, Toronto, Canada
2014   WBCA, Toronto, Canada
2014 ­  John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014   Corridor 213, Toronto, Canada
2013   Scope – Art Miami, USA
2013   Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2013   Corridor 213, Toronto, Canada
2013   AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2013   OGV Gallery, Jihlava, Czech Republic
2013 ­  John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2012   Museum of New, Toronto, Canada
2012   Samizdat, the Embassy of the Czech Republic, Washington, DC, USA
2011   Czech Center Gallery New York, NY, USA
2011   Galerie SVIT, Prague , Czech Republic
2011   Spare time, National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic
2010 ­­  Art Spin, Toronto, Canada
2010   Museum of New New Painting, Toronto, Canada
2010   Beverly Owens Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2009   Beverly Owens Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2009   Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada
2009   Peak Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2009   The Artist Project Toronto, Canada 2008 – ITCA, National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic
2008   ITCA, National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic

Grants & Awards:
2016 – Received Exhibition Assistance Grant from the Ontario Arts Council

2015 – Travel Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts

2014 – Awarded 2nd prize in the “DRAWING 2014”, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

2013 – Awarded 1st prize in the “DRAWING 2013”, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

2011 – Travel Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts

2008 – Awarded 3rd prize at Toronto Art Project Exhibition

Selected Public Collections:

National Gallery Prague, Czech Republic

Museum of Decorative Arts and Photography, (U(p)m, Prague


GASK, Central Bohemian Region’s Gallery, Czech Republic

GAVU, Gallery of Fine Arts, city of Cheb, Czech Republic

Museum of Český Brod, Czech Republic

Lumir Hladik, The Tunnel 1, 2017, Mixed Media, 46_ x 36_ x 16_
Lumir Hladik, Gargopagus, 2016, Mixed Media, 34_ x 50_ x 8_
Lumir Hladik, Gargoyles 4, 2016, Mixed Media, gallery installation
Lumir Hladik, Gargoyles 2, 2016, Mixed Media, gallery installation
Lumir Hladik, Eva K, 2016, Mixed Media, 50_ x 60_ x 10_
Lumir Hladik, Gargoyle 02, 2016, Mixed Media, 15_ x  23_ x 28_
_Lumir Hladik, (a)void my den
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