Miguel Barros

Miguel Barros was born in Portugal, and grew up in his home country as well as Brazil. He studied at IADE Creative University in Portugal earning a degree in Interior Architecture and Design.  In 2008, Barros moved to Angola, Africa, where he spent 6 years living and working, then later moved to Calgary, his current place of residence.

Barros’ travels throughout Asia and Africa, as well as his current home in Alberta, inform his works. He explores the relationship between tension and harmony in his work, hoping to expose its innermost spirit. Barros uses traditional techniques in original applications to invite the viewer to meditate on the mysteries of philosophy and art.

Selected Exhibitions: 

2017    Patterns, group show, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2016    Transparency, solo show, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2015    Recall, group show, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2015    No Theme || Only Colours, solo show, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2014    Pharmacy Museum, ,Galeria São Mamede,  Lisbon, Portugal

2013    Global Scale, Galeria Nuno Sacramento, Ílhavo, Portugal 

2013    Global Generation, Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon, Portugal 

2013    Art Gallery of Vale do Lobo, Galeria São Mamede, Vale do Lobo, Portugal 

2012    Municipal Auditorium, Auditório  Municipal  de  Olhão  (  AMO  ), Galeria São Mameda, Olhão, Portugal

2012    Hummingbird Forms, Formas Colibri, National Museum of Decorative Arts, with the XI Biennial in Havana,                     Curatorship Gallery Nuno Sacramento, Havana, Cuba

2011    Limits of Defiguration, São Mamede Gallery, Oporto, Portugal 

2008    One Other Place, São Mamede Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2008    A Different World, Municipal Museum Santos Rocha, Figueira da Foz.

2006    Zamora’s Museum, Spain.

2004    Galeria Projecto, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal

Water Embryos Series, 2016
Water Embryos Series, 2016
Water Turmoil, 2016
Water Turmoil, 2016
Frozen Waterfalls, 2016
Great Lakes Series, 2016
Frozen Bow River, 2016
Lisbon (Golden City), 2014
Angola (Colours at Sunset), 2014
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