Ana Pantcheva

Nearer The Moon


Walnut Contemporary invites the general public to the opening of Anna Pancheva’s first solo exhibition Nearer the Moon, a collection of recent oil paintings and mixed media drawings.

Drawing from a repertoire of art history, science fiction and modern science, Pantcheva's worlds are inhabited by creatures that dwell amongst the sensual layering of media -in a world made up of disparate elements and complex components.


The moon as a satellite,a mystical natural wonder.


All the things that hover around the light in the dark…the space of the metaphysical, undulation between representation and abstraction -oscillating between the natural and artifice....between everything that is real and imagined...


Pantcheva graduated from OCAD in 2008 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. Since then. she has been actively creating and showing in Toronto. Her work is in the BMO Financial Group Corporate Collection, as well as several private and corporate collections throughout Canada.


“Anna Pantcheva is a talented young artist and self-proclaimed colour enthusiast... Her work combines sensual femininity with the grotesque; paint being her main medium; acidic, bright, saturated colours being her palette.” ~ Plaid Magazine, Aug 2012

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