Silvija Saplys

Silvija Saplys has a fine arts diploma from Toronto School of Art from 2012 and has been involved in Ontario College of Art and Design visual arts courses. 

Interested in natural disasters and faltering ecosystems, Saplys explores man’s impact on nature in her work. Her process mirrors the human-created transformation of the natural landscape. Saplys uses both photography and acrylic paint in her process, first photographing moving scenes, then distorting and re-capturing them in paint. Through painting, she explores the physical properties of the medium to capture a spectral effect of something that may soon disappear in our world.


Selected Exhibitions: 

2017    Chimera,group show,  Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario

2016    Bombay Artisan Series juried competition, Only One Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2016    To be…, group show,  Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario

2015    Recall, group show, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario

2015    Drive by Shooting, solo show, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2009    Hill of Crosses, solo show, Lithuana, Anapilis Gallery, Missisauga, Canada

2007    Visitation, solo show, Art Square Gallery, Toronto, Canada

come what may, 2017
Dream Catcher, 2017
Dream Catcher, 2017
Video Screenshot #1
Video Screenshot #2
Video Screenshot #3
Video Screenshot #4
West on Hwy. 28, B.C., 2016
Drive by Shooting #11, 2015
Drive by Shooting #8, 2014
Drive by Shooting #5, 2013
Drive by Shooting #2, 2012
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